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Travel Style: Hawaii


It doesn’t necessarily get cold in Northern California in the Winter the way the rest of the world thinks of cold. But Winter here does have me yearning for some warmer temperatures at times.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing for winter — long coats, gloves, scarves, boots — that’s my jam. But there’s something about being able to walk around in flip flops and swimsuits in December that makes me giddy.

When my best friend asked me earlier this year if I want to support her after she completes the Honolulu Marathon and that it meant a trip to Hawaii, I couldn’t turn that down, could I? (Oh, she also asked if I wanted to run and I went riiigghhhtttt. And meehhh I don’t think my knees and messed up feet can handle that anyways. I’d rather chill by the pool and drink bloody mary’s please).

Which is exactly what I did.

(Outfit details after jump)

On top of that, I had the opportunity to sport some cute crop tops I haven’t had a chance to wear, including the most swoon-worthy handmade green top crafted from Bali (store: Andi Bagus), which I paired with my white wide-legged pants (store: Zara). Clearly, I was on some sort of uniform here: crop top with loose, baggy pants. 

But really, I would wear this type of outfit everyday if I could. It truly is my favorite type of fit. Too bad I lost my abs over this trip cause I stuffed my face with musubi, japanese curry, and more rice plates. But worth it.

Here are the rest of the outfit details:

~ jenna

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