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Interior Inspo: My Dining Room/Area

I moved into my condo June of 2017. Since this was a place I owned, I wanted to take my time creating a living space that felt personal to me. No more just buying furniture just to fill a room. I wanted to put much more thought behind my design choices, and truly feel like I could call this place my home.

With that being said — I’m still not done with my place. SOMEONE HELP MY INDECISIVENESS PLZZZ. Case in point: it took me well over a year (about 14 months) to finally get a dining table. But I’m so glad I waited because I couldn’t be more satisfied with the way it turned out.

I have an open space so I don’t really have a dining “room” per se, but I was able to parse out a place in my condo which I desginated my dining area. I knew I wanted a farmhouse table, but a small one. However, most farmhouse tables sit 6-8 people, and my place isn’t nearly large enough to accomodate a table that large (One day, I’ll have a place that can!)

Fortunately, one of my friends makes custom furniture, and he was able to make me a mini-farmhouse table that sits 2-4 people rather comfortably. He also built two small benches which accompany the table perfectly. He is the BEST!

The circular mirror, from The Citizenry and handcrafted in Chile, is the perfect mix of the hard and soft vibe. It has a leather strap and white marble hook giving the area some modern character and staying with my design aesthetic. Also, The Citzenry is an amazing home design website with handcrafted decor from all over the world. So chic and sophisticated with lots of unique pieces.

Even though this took over a year to do, I couldn’t be more pleased with what I ended up with. My house is finally feeling like a home, and there’s no better feeling.

~ jenna

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