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Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

The millennial-pink glam-inspired Christmas theme this year gave me all sorts of fun ideas. I found these two super cute wrapping paper designs from Target — the first one, a blush pink with metallic gold polka dots and the second one, a white marble like texture.

While I was going crazy at Homegoods (it was one trip, and I overdid it, as per usual), this twisted gold and white rope just looked gorgeous, and I knew I wanted to use it in my gifts somehow.

I ended up using the rope as my ribbon, and then accented the gifts with a mix of Christmas ferns and a pinch of baby’s breath that I got from my local grocery store. My gift tags were gold and white (.99 cents from Target!), so they made a nice little finishing touch to the gifts as a whole.


Oh also, here’s someone who snuck under the tree for a sneak peak of the presents. But really, he just wanted to pose…like his mama.

~ jenna




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