About Me 

So who is this weirdo? I’m Jenna, but most people call me Jenna Q.


This isn’t quite my first rodeo. I’ve been in the blogging world before, but I’m going at it again (and in quite a different direction than last time).

This time, I’ve decided to share my love for fashion, interior/home design, and overall style. If I were to describe my style? Well, I love separates, messing with hard and soft vibes, the color black as well as rose gold and blush pink accents. I’m also a sucker for a really dope leather jacket and faux fur.

Yeah that’s me.

I’ve lived in LA and London for a little bit so a lot of my personal style and taste has evolved from those experiences. At the moment, I’m back home in the Bay Area (splitting lots of time between San Francisco and Oakland and everywhere in between).

About Girliest Tomboy

As I mentioned above, this blog is not my first one ever. And it’s also way different than before. My previous blog (which is about 7 years old now), is a sports blog where I have many random musings about the sports world. You can visit it here.

I love that blog, and it was great for what it was. It helped me express all my odd, suppressed emotions and feelings about the Oakland Raiders and other teams in ways I never knew were possible (nor never knew existed). But now I feel ready for something new. Now that I’ve started to explore more with interior design and my personal style has evolved considerably, I’m excited to share some of my own inspirations and am hopeful some of the projects and things I share on here give you some inspiration, as well.

So yeah — an ex-sports blogger now blogging about fashion, design, and style?

Ladies and Gents: meet the Girliest Tomboy.